Women's Ab Workout... Who Else Wants Six Pack Abs?

Are you looking for a women's ab workout that takes into account that your body is different from a man's? Do you want a complete ab getting program designed specifically for women to get six pack abs?

I heard this recently at the gym...

Sometimes it seems like nature has given us a raw deal. We carry the kids, feed the kids and gain weight when our hormones get out of whack. And, the extra weight always seems to find its way to our midsection...

Do you ever feel like that?

Take your body back by targeting the abdominal area with a women’s ab workout routine.

A Woman’s Body

A woman’s body is different from a man’s in the way that it handles fat. One might say that it doesn’t handle it well at all. Women carry most of their weight in their hips and thighs. Unfortunately, this spills over into the abdominal region. Having a large amount of abdominal fat can lead to a higher risk of heart disease.

But, we don’t have to suffer with the extra fat. The most common mistake I see is people trying to do a women's ab workout by only working their midsection. To get great six pack abs, they seem to want to concentrate on the abdominal region, but nothing else.

Here is the truth about abs... There is no such thing as spot reducing for any part of the body. It is up to the body to decide where it will remove fat as the body loses weight. Give the body no choice but to do things your way with a total body women's ab workout.


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Women’s Ab Workout

Begin your ab workout in the gym, but not on the weights. The fat needs to disappear first and that won’t happen unless you participate in aerobic exercises.

It doesn’t have to be the traditional jazzercise or step aerobics. Many women are getting into kickboxing, dance classes (zumba, Latin dances, hip hop, etc.), treadmills and the elliptical trainers. The elliptical (the best is the one with the movable poles) burns fat without jarring the knees (and, honestly, is my favorite cardio machine).

Now that you are burning fat, don’t hit the floor. There are six pack abs exercises that can be done standing up. In fact these are even better for you than the ones on the floor because they engage other muscle groups as well.

In this group is the standing crunch. It is basically a knee raise where you bring the opposite arm to the opposite knee, pulling your belly button towards your spine as you do so.

We still haven’t hit the floor. It’s time for the exercise ball and a few crunches there. Did you know that a crunch on an exercise ball is more effective than a crunch performed on the floor? There is a wider range of motion for your abs and your back which allows for a deeper contraction and a more effective women’s ab workout in a shorter amount of time.

What goes into a women’s ab workout? It takes lots of cardio, a variety of abdominal exercises and patience to see the results that you want. Oh, don’t forget the food energy that jumpstart it all. Click here to find out the truth about abs and more ways to personalize your program.

Find out the Truth About Abs

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