Ab Exercise Machines: What You REALLY Need to Know

Ab exercise machines get a bad rep. And, most of the time, it's for a very good reason... many of them don't work. However, there are some that do... Keep reading to find out more about them.

If you want great looking abs, you know you’ll have to work to get them. You may have tried floor exercises to achieve the results you want, but have you ever tried abdominal exercise machines?

Reasons to use ab exercise machines

The main reason work on improving their abs, besides trying to look better, is that they want to strengthen their core muscles. Having strong core muscles – which includes the upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and back muscles – greatly affects balance, posture, and your self-esteem. While working out on any abs exercise machines, you’ll want to ensure you’re using the correct form or you could injure yourself. You may want to stay away from abs exercise machines being sold during late night programming, as they’re unlikely to be as effective as the machines above.


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    Upper abs – To work out the upper abs, you’ll want an ab crunch machine. You stay seated in this machine, hook your legs under padded supports, and crunch down. You can also find abs exercise machines which work the upper abs from a lying down position. Instead of sitting, you lie back on a bench and hold onto handles. The machine pivots bringing you into a crunch position.

    Obliques – Oblique muscles are best worked out using a torso rotation machine. This machine has you kneeling on a padded table and twisting from left to right. You can also use the ab crunch machine to work your obliques if you’re turned to one side or the other while using it.

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    Lower abs and Obliques – For lower abs, there may not be better abdominal exercise machines than the Captain’s Chair. This machine allows your body to be supported by your arms. The bottom part of the body hangs down and you pull your knees up toward the upper body. If you bring the knees straight up, you’ll get a great lower abs workout. Twisting as you bring up your knees will allow you to target your obliques.

    Lower back muscles – A Roman chair machine allows you to work your lower back efficiently. Place your lower legs and hips against the padded support. Slowly lower your upper body over the padded bar toward the ground. As you lift your body back up, you work the lower back muscles. This exercise may be made more effective by holding a weight.

If you’re looking for a way to get six pack abs, you may want to try some of the better ab exercise machines. You’ll be more impressed with the results you achieve with these machines than with most of the junk you can buy off a television infomercial. You can find out about other ways to achieve your goal of rock-hard six pack abs by checking out Mike Geary's Truth About Abs Program.

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