Ab Workouts for Men... Get Ripped Fast!

Are you looking for the best ab workouts for men? The ab exercises below can be used in many differnt combinations to create great ab workouts to put you on the path to a great six pack abs.

Open any fitness magazine and you’ll see men with their shirts off showing their six pack abs. Magazines can be encouraging in helping men desire to become lean and toned in their midsection. When it comes to ab workouts for men, some are more effective than others.

Effective Ab Workouts for Men

If you want to have abs other men will be jealous over, it’s important to understand the process to get them is going to be the same as for building any other muscle group. You’ll want to find exercises which allow you to add extra weight in order to work the muscles better. Eating a healthy diet is also needed when trying to give definition to your abs.


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Decline crunches while holding a weight plate is one effective ab exercise to do. Start out with a small weight to begin with and try to do three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions. You may have to do this a week or more before you’re strong enough to add more weight. When you’re ready to add heavier weight, be sure not to add too much too soon or you could injure your back.

Another effective ab workout for men is to do leg lifts with weights on your ankles. This exercise will build lower ab muscles. Again, start out with enough weight that the exercise will be difficult enough to challenge you, but not so difficult you can’t do them at all. Continue working with this weight until they are easy to do. This will enable your muscle to get the workout it needs and build your abdominals quicker.

Bicycle crunches can also be used to get a great ab workout for men. Lie on your back and bend your knees as if you’re sitting on a bicycle. Begin “pedaling.” With your hands behind your head, alternate your left knee to your right elbow and vice versa. Do this motion for 12-15 repetitions and you’ll how well the muscles are worked. When doing this exercise, be careful not to pull your neck forward as it can cause injury.

Get up off your feet and dance! Many people don’t realize how much the ab muscles are worked out during dancing. Dancers must maintain proper posture which aids in building muscle tone. Not sure if you want to embarrass yourself out in public? You can find video tapes with actual ab working routines available. Give it a try! You’re unlikely to find another ab workout that you’ll enjoy more.

If you ask a number of physical trainers, they may all have their opinion about which ab workouts for men are most effective. To find out more about getting great abs, click below for more information.

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