Top 5 Lower Ab Exercises Revealed!

Lower ab exercises can make or break a great set of six pack abs. After all, who wants to take off their shirts on the beach by the pool (man or woman) only to reveal that little roll of flab right at your swimsuit line?

Your lower abs don't always comply. But, if you combine the top 5 lower ab exercises with a good cardio plan to burn fat, you can whip them into shape in no time!

Even though the upper and lower abs are part of the same muscle, you can change your point of flexion (trunk or hips) to hit that muscle differently. You will notice as you read this article to the end that most of these six pack abs exercises require hip flexion.


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The Top 5 Exercises for Lower Abs Finally Revealed

  1. Reverse crunch.
    This is a favorite exercise for many women because of the difference it makes in the abdominal area below the belly button. The one thing to remember is not to swing the legs and in turn work the hip flexors instead of the lower abdominal area. Keep your legs together and tight into the body as you curl and raise your hips and lower back off of the floor. With the upper abs engaged, you get twice the work in one exercise.

  2. Captain’s chair knee raise.
    You’ve probably seen this machine at the gym. Your arms rest on the machine with your hands on the handles for support. The rest of your body hangs freely in the frame. Using only the lower abs, raise the knees as far into the chest as possible. Release slowly back to the starting position.

  3. Vertical leg crunch.
    Where the basic crunch is easy to perform, this one is a bit more challenging. Perform a crunch with your legs aimed towards the ceiling. Keeping the legs lifted is the job of the hip flexors and the lower abs but you want the lower abs to be engaged the most. As you curl up with your upper torso, maintain the contraction in the lower abs the entire time.

  4. Captain’s chair leg raise.
    This is a more advanced lower ab exercise. Instead of lifting your knees, you lift both legs straight out. This exercise can potentially work the hip flexors more than the abs if you don’t stay focused and contracted through the entire movement.

  5. Opposite arm/leg raise.
    This exercise challenges the entire core because of the balance that needs to be maintained. Lower abs, upper abs and obliques are engaged to keep the body stabilized as the arm and leg are raised and outstretched. It is not as easy as it sounds to maintain this pose. For a greater challenge, try kneeling on a Bosu ball to perform is lower ab exercise.

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