A Complete 6-Pack Abs Overview

Your 6-pack abs are more than just your abdominals at the front. Look at the pictures of the two folks at the top right of this page... to get the complete look you have to also focus on the transverse abdominis and the obliques. What are those? You are in the right place, my friend!

What is it about the midsection? You can exercise for months and the last place that the fat will drop away from is the abdominal area. But, if you are one of the many people looking to pull it all together to get six pack abs, keep reading to find out how itÂ’s done.

6-Pack Abs: A Perfect Picture

Everyone concentrates on the rippled 6-pack abs on the guys and gals in magazines and in film. This area is the rectus abdominis area of the abs but it is not the only muscle that makes up the abdominal region. Concentrating on just the front will leave you with an unsatisfied 360 degree view.

There are abdominal muscles on the sides of your body called the oblique abs. There are the internal and external oblique muscles. They run at right angles to each other on the sides of the body. These muscles help you to twist without hurting yourself (if they are strong enough).

The transverse abdominis are the abs muscles that run around the sides of the body and are the deepest of all the abs muscles. They essentially hold everything in. neglecting to work these deeper muscles will not give you the flat 6-pack abs that you want. In conjunction with the oblique abs, work these sets of muscles to give that tapered look to the waist that ends at the pelvic region. A smaller waist is what most people want to achieve.


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Did you know that the ripped abs you want is really a pack of eight? Yes, there are four segments to the rectus abdominis above the belly button and four below. The first six are easier to delineate through exercise and diet. As it is, to achieve six pack abs, your total body fat needs to be ten percent or less. You won’t reach that level without dietary changes.

So, gaining and maintaining the six pack of your dreams is less about working the abs themselves than losing the weight that covers them. Whipping those abs in shape takes working ALL of the areas of the abdominal region and not just the rectus. Otherwise, you could end up with a barrel-like waistline. Cardio exercise, most days of the week for at least 30 minutes, burns the body fat that you need to lose to lower your numbers. You have to move to lose.

This will require hard work but it is doable. You can have six pack pack abs and a totally toned and strong midsection with cardio, effective abs exercises, and a healthier diet. It only takes a few days a week to strengthen your abs, but it takes every day to build a set of abs that you would be proud of.

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