Easy Ab Exercises for Six Pack Abs? Yes!

Are you searching for easy ab exercises you can do to get you closer to a ripped set of six pack abs?

Most people are weary when they see the word “easy.” But, not everything in life has to be hard. You’ve been working hard to get in shape but that hasn’t brought satisfaction to your six pack abs.

It’s time to try a different approach.

Here are some easy exercises that are effective and not hard to master.

But before we dive in, let's talk about when you should use easy ab exercises...

Did you know that you can overwork your abdominal area?

Just like any other muscle, it gets fatigued too. It is a common misconception that the abs can be worked every day without any harm. Treat it the same as other muscles: Work them three times a week (on alternate days) for about twenty minutes each session.

With the abs, less is more. You may not realize it but this region of the body gets worked not only when you perform targeted exercises but also when doing a number of other moves.

Those infomercials had one thing right: it is not as hard as you think to whip those abs into shape. The problem for them is that you can do some easy exercises WITHOUT their fancy equipment.


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Top 3 Easy Ab Exercises

  1. Basic crunch with exercise ball – The one complaint that many have about doing crunches or even sit-ups is the pain in the lower back and neck. When your abdominal area is weak it is easier to hurt the back. Pulling up with the neck instead of the midsection will leave you sore. Using a large exercise ball alleviates the pain in both these areas and concentrates the effort on the right place.

  2. Bicycle – It is like riding a bike on your back. This easy ab exercise works the entire abdominal region as long as your shoulders are off the floor. Lifting your head so that the shoulders are elevated will eliminate any neck pain. It also intensifies the burn in your abs. for a more intense oblique burn, alternate elbow to opposite knee as you do the bicycle move.

  3. Planks – This ab exercise is like the one you walk on a pirate ship. Resting on your forearm and your toes, you will hold that position with your body straight (as a board) and abs engaged. See if you can hold the pose for a minute without losing form and then relax. It is a highly effective exercise for the abs and the back.

Begin with these easy ab exercises to get the hang of working that area of your body. After about three or four weeks, vary your routine with more ab exercises like these to create muscle confusion and more strength in the area.

Exercises that work the abs don’t have to be hard or complicated to get the job done. See for yourself with the click of a button... find out the Truth About Abs.

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