Belly Fat Exercises Anyone Can Do

Did you know that there are specific belly fat exercises that target the midsection? If you are trying to let go of that spare tire, get moving to see results.

The Spot Reducing Myth

There is no such thing as spot reduction.

Sorry to reveal this hard truth about abs, wish there was but the body is not designed that way. Could you imagine if people only worked certain parts of their body to achieve results? We’d have some really misshapen and off balance individuals! :-)

In order to attack the wanted area of your body, like your six pack abs, it’s going to take regular exercise. Before you huff, exercise really isn’t that bad. Think back to when you were a kid. You couldn’t wait to get outside and run, jump and be free. Rediscover some of that childlike enthusiasm when it comes to exercising for your health.

Really, that is what you are doing. It is a bonus to look great in that bathing suit, but the real goal here is health for life. Belly fat exercises keep you from holding on to all that visceral fat (deep fat stores around abdominal organs) which can lead to a risk of diabetes, heart disease and other metabolic crises.


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Belly Fat Exercises: Moving that Body

So, here we go. Look at the list of exercises below and choose one or two or all to help your body get in great overall shape.

  1. Aerobic activity – The body needs oxygen to thrive. You will need increased oxygen consumption to burn fat. Get moving. Aerobic activity that lasts for at least thirty minutes to an hour most days of the week will help you shed pounds all over your body. There are many types of aerobic activity that can do this for you: running, walking (at an intense level), step aerobics, kickboxing, etc.

  2. Dancing – Who ever thought that dancing was exercise? It is too much fun. Now there are organized classes in gyms and private studios for Zumba – a mix of Latin, hip-hop, and hot new dance moves to get your heart pumping and your midsection throbbing. To perform the moves, you have to have your abs engaged at all times which works those muscles to get in shape as you are melting the fat covering them.

  3. Resistance training – It is a fact that muscle burns more calories than fat. With belly fat exercises, you want to keep the abdominal muscles engaged. Try specific exercises like crunches (twisting crunches, hanging crunches, reverse crunches) and then combination exercises that work more than one body part at a time (squatting military presses, lunging bicep curls). The movement forces your abdominal muscles to engage for balance and strength through the entire action.

While you may not be able to spot reduce your body, there are belly fat exercises that you can perform to tighten those muscles while you are losing the weight for a toned and healthy appearance.

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