Belly Fat Reduction for Women: Just the Facts

Belly fat reduction is not the same for everybody. If you’ve seen those stick figure commercials with the man and woman who are trying to lose weight you know what I mean. Here is some information you might find interesting.

Women in particular seem to never get a break. Your bodies are built to manufacture life. Who else can say that except for another female of a species? Along with it come a lot of other things you would rather not deal with, though.

When women try to lose weight, there are other factors involved. One is hormones. Hormones play a crucial role in belly fat reduction. Too much of one type of hormone, belly fat piles on. Too little of another, you feel hungry all the time.

As you go through life, you produce hormones for reproduction. At puberty, the hormones get revved up giving us rounder, fuller hips to prepare for a baby someday.

When the baby doesn’t show, you go through your menstrual cycle. The hormone production leading up to this time can make you scream, holler, cry and laugh – all at the same time. It’s no wonder you have a problem with belly fat reduction with all of those hormone changes.


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Overcoming the barriers to proper weight loss also requires us to get charge of our emotional state. Stress can lead to eating problems that include making poor food choices as well as not enough activity to offset it.

In midlife, hormone production goes down. This leads to more retained fat in our bodies.  Our metabolism also slows. It happens to men but not as dramatically as for women.

What can be done?

To aid belly fat reduction, there are things you can do.

  1. Get moving – Exercise is a great way to increase how much energy you burn. And, best of all, it is cumulative. This means that you can spend ten minutes walking at lunch and then twenty minutes walking after dinner for a total of thirty minutes of exercise that day. There are so many activities to choose from that you can do something different each day to challenge your body: gardening, walking, jogging, dancing, playing sports, and etc.

  2. Cook at home – There was a time when home-cooked meals were sought after. Today, it is more convenient to pop something into the microwave or hit the drive-thru. Eating healthy begins with preparing fresh foods so you know what is going into your body.

  3. Work those muscles – Muscles burn more fat when they are confused. Strength training different muscle groups at a time helps to increase their size and flexibility. Changing up the exercises prevent muscles from becoming accustomed to your routine and thereby not showing progress.

  4. Enlist the aid of a friend – We all could use a weight loss buddy to keep us accountable on a daily basis. It could be as easy as making a phone call to see if you have worked out or strived to eat better that day.

What are some of the ways that you are going about belly fat reduction? Know the facts and then set out to conquer the obstacles to get the body you want.

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