A Diet for Six Pack Abs is the Key to A Ripped Midsection

Did you know that without a solid diet for six pack abs, all the sit-ups and crunches in the won't help you get a ripped midsection?

Have you seen those fitness ads in magazines where every guy and girl has a midsection like a chiseled stone statue? Those abs could easily be airbrushed but the ones you see on people in the gym and on television are not. You’ve been working hard to reshape those abs but you may be missing the pivotal piece – what you put in your mouth.

A wise person once said...

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.

And that is absolutely true.

Even if you are in the gym for weeks on end, unless you strive to change what you eat, you’ll never see those six pack abs.

Yes, that was a NEVER.

A layer of fat covers your muscles as protection and insulation but too much of a fat pad and those beautiful abs will stay hidden. The best way to reduce the fat is to stop introducing so much into your body.


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Food Facts

The fight for the six pack abs of your dreams begins first thing in the morning. Did you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day in your diet for six pack abs? Moms say that (along with other things) but in this case it is true. After eight or so hours with nothing to eat, the body is in need of some serious nourishment. Eating as soon as you get up, jumpstarts that metabolism for the day.

Starving yourself is not the way to lose weight.

Wait. Let me say that again.

Starving yourself. Is not the way. To lose weight.

Here’s what happens. When calories are cut to about 1,000 or less, the body goes into starvation mode and holds tighter to those fat stores as if it didn’t know where its next meal was coming from. You have to eat in order to lose the belly fat.

The right balance of nutrients will make all the difference in your diet for six pack abs. If you are used to eating the same things all the time, consider trying new foods. The body needs protein, carbohydrates and even fats to function on a cellular level.

Protein helps build muscle tissue, carbohydrates give us energy and fat helps cells to protect themselves and insulates the body.

Finding the right foods is tough. If you haven’t seen that six pack shining through, investigate what you are eating. Try the leanest and best sources of nutrients available. This includes: beans, whole grains, nuts, low fat dairy, lean meat, fish and seafood and healthy fats like olive and canola oils.

Avoiding empty calories in sodas, sweets and processed foods can make a world of difference to your caloric intake each day.

Do you want that those pack abs? It all begins with your mouth and your diet for six pack abs. Experiment with new foods to find out what you like and what will give you the most bang for your caloric buck. All you have to do is click to find out about fat-burning foods and the real Truth About Abs.

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